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01Jun 2015

It should be effortless to have an environmentally-aligned lifestyle during the summer. We spend every waking moment possible outdoors. We sleep under the stars. Blades of grass are stuck in our hair, the sun has kissed our bare flesh, our toes wiggle down into the cool earth. In summertime we are at one with nature. […]

11May 2015

Lobsters and martinis ordered to impress but left untouched. Bourbon-drenched brunches, cross-country flights, and lavish luncheon spreads, all to land a client. Such are the excesses of the glamorous 1960s world of advertising in “Mad Men”. From our modern perspective of emailed office memos and online ads replacing direct mail, the reams of paper tossed […]

06Mar 2015

Our new neighborhood’s informal recycler piled a load of flattened cardboard boxes and crumpled newspaper on his wheelbarrow and hobbled off. He relieved us of our packaging after an exhausting series of moves between small towns and the big city. It was such a relief to discard those boxes that had held everything while we […]

14Feb 2015

You could say I’m a bit of a word nerd. When my husband makes a clever play on words in Spanish, it’s almost as if he’s saying “te amo”. Nothing says “olive you” on Valentine’s Day like a corny pun on a cutesy card, along with a heartfelt message, and chocolate, of course. For inspiration […]

28Jan 2015
how many tampons used in a lifetime

It’s week 5 already!  How has the challenge been going for you? What changes have you made in your home and lifestyle this year so far to reduce your waste and impact on our Earth? This week we’re going to look at reusable menstrual products.  Obviously this is what we’re passionate about 🙂  I know […]

12Jan 2015

Tips for you and your cup Don’t let the size of a menstrual cup shy you away from making the switch. Read more to find out how similar they are to a tampon. myths-and-common-objections

24Dec 2014

Week 4- The final week of our giveaway. Enter to win a cup to start the  new year off being a little more GREEN! Leave us a comment on our blog about why you want to make the switch to a reusable menstrual cup, or what your plans are for the new year, and share […]