09Jul 2015

If your menstrual cycle is dictating your schedule, you’re not alone! Many women experience such cramping and discomfort during their cycle that they feel they need to shut themselves indoors until it passes. But considering the fact that some of us experience over seven days of flow, is this really how we should be living? […]

04Jul 2015

We may have Christmas in July, but we shouldn’t have to dress for snow. Something’s wrong with the weather if I’m wearing sweatpants instead of sweating in summer. It’s just fine with me, though. Honestly, I’m not at all disappointed with this off-summer funk of cooler temps and heavy rainfall across the bulge of the […]

27Jun 2015

Roaring flames, rare meat, and inebriation is how many Americans show their patriotism on 4th of July. Before the fireworks, be sure your backyard fire works in an ecological way. 1.) Grill gear Best to worst: solar, electric, propane, wood, charcoal Wood and carbonized wood (aka charcoal) are the worst fuel options for air quality […]

20Jun 2015

Now that you have the horticultural know-how, it’s time to apply it and get dirty! Here are easy 1-2-3 steps to getting your garden growing. Lay the Groundwork Yes, it’s as simple as digging a hole for the plant and plopping it in, but not that smart. Take the first steps to preparing your terrain. […]

15Jun 2015

Bringing the bounty from the farmer’s market table to straight out of your backyard A trip to a farmer’s market is kind of like of a trip to the zoo. It’s an educational experience. You may see products of nature you’ve never even heard of before. You might be tempted to bring home something cute […]

08Jun 2015

By hopping from South to North America, my geographic sense of what is “local” produce has gone topsy-turvy. Now that I’m out of the tropics, my suggestion for homemade Hawaiian ice with coconuts, banana, papaya, and mango is suddenly no longer homegrown. Now a very-berry ice, made with Maine blueberries, Iowan juneberries, or Washingtonian raspberries, […]