25Jul 2015

You’re not the only creature out there frolicking under the summer sun. If you did any backyard gardening in June, you probably got up and close to the creepy-crawlies in our soil. It seemed to have rained all of June in Iowa, forming nice little breeding ponds for mosquitoes and quite a buzz around the […]

18Jul 2015

After last week’s skin cancer scare, I still want to encourage you to go play in the sunshine this summer. Forget about superficial goals like getting tan. Sunlight has profound health effects, like being happy and strong! Embrace the rays because they will help you combat serious Ds: Depression and Vitamin D Deficiency. Depression Poets […]

11Jul 2015

Now that those gams are smooth, it’s time to get them bronzed and the envy of the town. Golly it’s hard to catch a ray with all this cloud cover, and it just doesn’t feel like summer without a tan. That’s why science and the aesthetics industry teamed up to create synthetic sun (get it? […]

09Jul 2015

If your menstrual cycle is dictating your schedule, you’re not alone! Many women experience such cramping and discomfort during their cycle that they feel they need to shut themselves indoors until it passes. But considering the fact that some of us experience over seven days of flow, is this really how we should be living? […]

06Jul 2015

Have you ever considered whether women might have a stronger impact on the environment than men? I got to thinking about my own habits compared to my husband’s habits and how we might each fare differently in terms of our global footprint. Then I got to thinking about women in general; how do they fare […]

04Jul 2015

We may have Christmas in July, but we shouldn’t have to dress for snow. Something’s wrong with the weather if I’m wearing sweatpants instead of sweating in summer. It’s just fine with me, though. Honestly, I’m not at all disappointed with this off-summer funk of cooler temps and heavy rainfall across the bulge of the […]

27Jun 2015

Roaring flames, rare meat, and inebriation is how many Americans show their patriotism on 4th of July. Before the fireworks, be sure your backyard fire works in an ecological way. 1.) Grill gear Best to worst: solar, electric, propane, wood, charcoal Wood and carbonized wood (aka charcoal) are the worst fuel options for air quality […]

25Jun 2015

A woman is suing a tampon company after losing her leg. The amputation was the result of Toxic Shock Syndrome, aka. TSS, a complicated bacterial infection. It’s not a female-only condition, but there’s been a link between TSS and tampon usage that has gone on for decades. A tampon alone cannot cause TSS; it occurs […]