24Dec 2014

Every year we get dozens of Christmas cards.  We enjoy hearing from loved ones, and proudly hang them as part of our decorations.   What’s one to do with all those pretty cards after the Holiday season is over?!  It’s time to pull out the box of cards and make some fun Upcycled DIY projects (plus get […]

17Dec 2014

“Holiday travel”- these words can elicit a mixture of excitement and joy as well as stress and chaos.  I’m currently sitting at SFO waiting on a flight that keeps getting delayed and looking around seeing holiday decorations, people wearing Santa hats, and strangers visiting with each other to pass the time.  Another blazingly clear thing I’m noticing […]

27Oct 2014
famliy health education. healthy to call our private parts by their name

Nicole Leigh Shaw of writes in The Powder Room Blog about all the funny little names that people have come up with for our female private parts. Nicole proposes, in her humorous way, that we should just call a vagina and associated parts by the proper name and be done with it. When teaching […]

29Sep 2014

To understand liver cleansing, it’s necessary to understand the function of the liver is to process toxins. If a liver running at 60% efficiency is leaving via How to Flush the Liver | Wake Up World.

02Dec 2013

Create wonderful gift baskets to help everyone you know relax and refresh themselves after the stresses of the holidays. So avoid the crowds and the hassle with these easy to make natural gifts.