21Aug 2015

Iowa, in the heartland of America, has heart-stopping attractions at their state fair this week. Under the big top, food is over-the-top. Oversized, overpriced, and over the waistband. If you get a hankering for taking a bite out of the Iowa State Fair’s cow carved out of butter, you can munch on your own stick […]

20Aug 2015

Sometimes the only way to face stupidity is to laugh. That seems to be the case with the tampon tax. You may be aware of the tax situation; while “necessities” or “non-luxury” purchases like groceries are exempt from sales tax, items that are considered to be essential to a person’s survival, only five states have […]

14Aug 2015

A few flags are still strung up on porches a month after Fourth of July. Patriotism surged more deeply in my chest, however, when standing on foreign soil. The sense of otherness surrounding me reaffirmed my natal identity that I had, ironically, chucked aside to integrate into another culture. It was not until I was […]

03Aug 2015

Even if you love the planet and want to be eco-conscious, it’s easy to let good green habits slip. Here’s a simple checklist for all of the little things that can add up to become pretty big things for a greener lifestyle. If you do even these 15 green habits on a regular basis, you […]

25Jul 2015

You’re not the only creature out there frolicking under the summer sun. If you did any backyard gardening in June, you probably got up and close to the creepy-crawlies in our soil. It seemed to have rained all of June in Iowa, forming nice little breeding ponds for mosquitoes and quite a buzz around the […]

20Jul 2015

If camping is part of your family’s summer routine, or if you’re planning to venture out for the first time, this is a great chance to take a green approach to your camping adventure. With the very “nature” of the outdoors, you would think that camping would automatically be an eco activity, but that’s not […]

18Jul 2015

After last week’s skin cancer scare, I still want to encourage you to go play in the sunshine this summer. Forget about superficial goals like getting tan. Sunlight has profound health effects, like being happy and strong! Embrace the rays because they will help you combat serious Ds: Depression and Vitamin D Deficiency. Depression Poets […]