09Feb 2015

Every month some of us go through a few days of Cramps! Finding the solution that works for you is the trick to a happy girl. Here are a few suggestions that we’ve gathered: Bananas …are rich in Potassium that will help relieve cramps they are also loaded with vitamin B-6 that will help with […]

06Feb 2015

Before we get started Why don’t you go make yourself a nice hot cup of coffee? I’ll wait… By the time you finish reading this, the pot will be cool and the grounds ready to be NOT thrown into the trash… but rubbed all over your beautiful body. Ladies, wake up and smell the coffee! […]

30Jan 2015

Snow flakes, skin flakes Baby, it may be cold outside, but at least we’re cozy inside. Not roasting chestnuts by the fireplace, but with our indoor centralized heating system. Who needs romanticism when we need warmth? Exposure to those blasts of dry heated air all winter long turn our puckers into scaly, flaky, totally unkissable […]

28Jan 2015
how many tampons used in a lifetime

It’s week 5 already!  How has the challenge been going for you? What changes have you made in your home and lifestyle this year so far to reduce your waste and impact on our Earth? This week we’re going to look at reusable menstrual products.  Obviously this is what we’re passionate about 🙂  I know […]