Combatting the Tampon Tax with Humor

Sometimes the only way to face stupidity is to laugh. That seems to be the case with the tampon tax. You may be aware of the tax situation; while “necessities” or “non-luxury” purchases like groceries are exempt from sales tax, items that are considered to be essential to a person’s survival, only five states have put tampons in that category. All of the other American states consider tampons to be in the “choice” category. This is particularly frustrating when several of those states put other ridiculous items like candy and soda in the tax-exempt necessities category.

The same is true for other countries, like the UK, while Canada is the first country to put an end to the tampon tax. Since the Canadian change on July 1st, petitions have been created to abolish the tax. However, the key to fighting the absurd tax is likely going to be humor.

Jenny Bede and Cariad Lloyd from the UK have created a hilarious spoof on Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video to protest the ridiculous tax.

Enjoy the humor of the video, and also sign that petition.

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