Week Two-

Second week of giving. This week we are giving away another Keeper® or Moon Cup® to more of our friends. This giveaway you have more chances to win. Leave us a comment on our blog and share with your friends. Each share gives you another chance to win.

Give the gift of a Keeper or Moon Cup this holiday season.

Winner will be chosen and announced on Wednesday 12/17/2014.

Visit and “like” our Facebook page to get a reminder of our next giveaway.




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32 Responses to December Giveaways
  1. After having my last child, I find disposable products uncomfortable and wasteful

  2. I would really love to give the Moon Cup a try.

  3. I haven’t tried either 1 but want too 🙂 thx for the chance to win

  4. I wanted to go green and I was freaked out about how tampons were made.

  5. I like the idea that they are the oldest brands of cup. I’ve never tried the cup before and eager to try it!

  6. The thought of never having to buy pads or tampons EVER AGAIN is so awesome and liberating!

  7. I really want to eliminate my dependence on disposable feminine products!…too many chemicals!

  8. The chance to be eco-friendly while saving lots of money? I’m in! I wish I knew about these products sooner.

  9. This is so amazing. I would love to try one of your cups!

  10. I want to win a moon cup please!! ☺️

  11. I really like firm cups, and the Keeper seems like it will be the best fit for me 🙂

  12. I work long hours delivering mail for the post office. When I am on my cycle I need somthing that is going to last all day. A menstrual cup is the right tool for the job.

  13. I’d love to try a keeper, I’m new to these and would love to try a moon cup- I hear great reviews about them!

  14. i was sick of waste and chemicals!

  15. Would love to win so I can start using the moon cup!

  16. Would love to win to stat using the moon cup! I hate having to use tampons over night and having them leak.

  17. Winning this Moon Cup would relieve several stresses in my already busy life! #1 financial- would save me bookoo bucks over the years because I won’t be spending on products that are wasteful. #2 Physical – No longer putting toxic chemicals in my body, #3 – Environmental – No more waste going to the dump #4 – If a disaster should strike, I am prepared and not scrambling to stock up on items that will not be fun to try to dispose of!
    (Every female “prepper” needs this for every female member of her family!)

  18. Five years into my moon cup and i think they’re just about the best decision a woman can make.

  19. I switched due top environmental concerns and adhesive allergies.

  20. i would love to win one. I’ve tried instead when I was younger and would love to go the non disposable route.

  21. I’ve been a wearer for almost 20 years and refuse to wear anything else!

  22. I actually haven’t used a cup yet, but I’ve decided to make the switch to cups instead of pads and tampons cause I already cloth diaper my son, no need to create more waste in the world than there already is.

  23. I started using the Moon Cup during my Appalachian Trail thru-hike and have never gone back. There are less problems with leakage than with traditional tampons, plus you don’t have to guess at which size you should use for your flow, thus you never get uncomfortable, dry removal.

  24. This would be a wonderful “gift” to the environment instead of wasting up to an entire box of ultra tampons a month plus a half a package of overnight maxi-pads to stop the “leaks”. Thank you for the chance to win one of your amazing products!

  25. I would love to try a moon cup because I want to be rid of disposables.

  26. Would really love to the try a moon cup!

  27. want to try!! Thanks for the chance.

  28. I love my keeper. I recently had my first, and only baby. I contacted the company to find out if the size I have at home will still work. My keeper was one of the first things I replaced after a house fire destroyed my home and took away my husband. I miscarried( I think I miscarried) and the keeper was one of the few things that let me feel “normal” again after that loss. I have had my current Keeper since Feb 2011 and I would love to try the moon cup to see if it is the same feel or if it is different than The Keeper.

    I am a cancer survivor and the keeper is one of the few products I have used both pre- and post cancer surgery. I started using it at the recommendation of my oncologist who advised organic foods and as few chemicals in my body as possible.

    I can’t imagine my life without the keeper. I have always had very heavy cycles and this is one of the few products that consistently work for me. s. I’m certain over the years(until post partum) I have only purchased a few packages of pads and those were so that my tween step-daughter could be sure she knew how to use them. I have never figured out how much I’ve saved over the years but I can’t imagine life without my keeper. I asked my OB Thursday when I could go back to using it after the baby and now after having my tubes tied.

    I cannot wait to have the worry free protection when I go back to work on Monday. I will be sanitizing my Keeper today so that it is ready to go back to use after its “vacation” during my pregnancy. I hope that my daughters will appreciate the way the keepers work and the lack of chemicals as they also get older. Even if I were to win one now, I know I will be purchasing at least 4 more in the next 10-15 years for my girls. I hope I can get them to appreciate these products as much as I do.

    As you can see this is as much a chance for me to have a spare as to just try it for the first time. I am certain that even if I don’t win this contest I will be ordering a moon cup when I get the chance anyway. I just believe in these products that much!!

  29. i got one about a year and a half ago but then I got pregnant and only got to use it once… So it would be great to have a new one to fit my new body!!


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