Week Three-

Third week of giving and we are giving away another Keeper® or Moon Cup® to one of our friends. This giveaway you have more chances to win.

Leave us a comment on our blog about why you want to make the switch to a reusable menstrual cup, or what your plans are for the new year, and share with your friends. Each share gives you another chance to win.

Give the gift of a Keeper or Moon Cup this holiday season.

Winner will be chosen and announced on our facebook page Wednesday 12/24/2014.

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Visit and “like” our Facebook page to get a reminder of our next giveaway and to see if you were the LUCKILY winner!

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33 Responses to December Giveaways
  1. To work on starting a crafting business.

  2. Big plans? Ha! Honestly we might be making the long drive home from my parents’.

  3. I’d love to try a moon cup!

  4. Sorry, please disregard last comment. Plans for New Years: trying to stay awake until midnight 🙂

  5. Being with family is most important to me. But I’d like to try a cup

  6. I’d love to win a moon cup for my mom because she has always wanted one but can’t afford to buy one

  7. i am really really tired of spending my hard earned dollars on disposable feminine products, and don’t want my daughter to have to do so for the next 35 years!!!!

    • I love this answer! Soon I will be doing the same for my girls. Not to mention how it will benefit their bodies. Best wishes!

  8. I have a cup and have already made the switch. I want to win a keeper cup so I can give it to my daughter. I wanted to get her some cloth pads, sea sponge tampons, and cloth tampons but this FDA ban has thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans. I’m building her a stash of a little of everything (so she can make up her own mind and figure out what’s best for her) but the FDA wants every cloth pad maker to pay up before the end of the year or close shop. This sucks for everyone like me who would love to buy a stash before their gone but is broke from Christmas. I hope I can still build up my daughter’s stash somehow! Winning a Keeper Cup or Moon Cup would be a great start!

  9. I plan on kicking back and watching the ball drop with my kids and then going to sleep. Maybe we will hang out with some friends.

  10. I would love to make the switch from all the chemicals, added refuse into landfills, issues with septic systems, and other issues associate with sanitary napkins and tampons.

    I would like to try one so that I can pass the knowledge and the “green” onto my daughters and friends.

  11. I am a mother of the most amazing 9 year old, this Hanukkah I want to give her the gift that will keep on giving and make sure she is prepared when her special day comes.

  12. I would like to switch to a Keeper or Moon Cup because tampons and pads are uncomfortable. Also, as a person with a very heavy flow,. . .I use so many paper products etc. It’s always bothered me that I am negatively contributing to the Earth by populating the landfills. The Keeper and Moon Cup look like a much more natural method all around. I would love to try it. Switch my lifestyle around.

    • When I made the switch this was why I tried a menstrual cup. I love it, I don’t feel as uncomfortable with my cycle as I used to. Best wishes.

  13. i would like to try a keeper when my period returns postpartum… it hasn’t yet, but i’m feeling like it will soon!

  14. I plan to sew more clothes for my kids and save money whenever possible

  15. My big plans in the new year are to install a bat house and rain water harvesting. All about going green so this would help me in that resolution!

  16. I’m hoping to get much closer to my dental hygiene degree. Working full time and going to school full time is tough, but I know I can do it!

  17. I would love to use a resuable cup! And my plan for next yr is to use resuable products all yr

  18. I plan to spend more time with my family I don’t see them too often since they don’t come visit me I need to go visit them.

  19. I’d like to eat more healthy and be greener in the up coming year. We have done a lot this year but there is still more we can change in our everyday living.

  20. I want to switch because getting new pads is a hassle

  21. I would like to win a keeper so higher chance of commitment to my new years resolution of being more active in the outdoors.

  22. Having a get together with some neighbors.

  23. I’ve been wanting to switch since finding out how toxic regular pads and tampons can be to the body. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that I’m trying to get under control without needing a medicine cocktail for the rest of my life. I looked into organic cotton hygiene products, but even in reviews for those, everyone was raving about the cup. The idea of keeping twentyish tampons a month out of the landfill makes it even more appealing.

  24. I have been using The Keeper for 12 years now and love it!

  25. Just spending the new years with our kids! Nothing special planned and more than likely we will be asleep when the ball drops but we will celebrate the next morning with a yummy breakfast!


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