week-1Week 4- The final week of our giveaway. Enter to win a cup to start the  new year off being a little more GREEN!

Leave us a comment on our blog about why you want to make the switch to a reusable menstrual cup, or what your plans are for the new year, and share with your friends. Each share gives you another chance to win.

Give the gift of a Keeper or Moon Cup this holiday season.

Winner will be chosen and announced on our Facebook page Wednesday 12/31/2014.

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35 Responses to December Giveaways
  1. Spending Time with my family and having some rest!

  2. I’ll be heading to a friend’s holiday wedding. I can’t wait to catch up with my far away friends, and would love to tell them about my switch to a enviro friendly alternative, if I win one..

  3. I think I will stay home and drink wine with Ryan Seacrest ! LOL

  4. I love the idea of the Keeper! This year I plan to go even more green and start a garden. Maybe a chicken coop! So I definitely need a new Keeper to get even more in touch with my desire to be healthier and less wasteful!

  5. I love my keeper cup, but realized that I cannot use the one I purchased because of a latex allergy that I recently discovered. For the time being I’ve been using softcups, but there is no comparison to the capabilities to the keeper. Is the moon cup a silicone alternative? I would like to learn more.

  6. we’re staying home all day while the kids play with new toys!

  7. I’ve decided for the new year I’m switching to a menstrual cup. I started off December with the disposable cups and after that experience I’m definetly switching over. It was so much more comfortable and I felt lighter. So for the new year I want to not only do better for my body but I want to do better for my pocket. Can’t wait to save so much money!

    For New year’s my family is staying home not doing much. My family had a rough year so we just want some peace and quiet to ring in the new year.

  8. Would be nice to have one less thing to juggle during the day. Probably will be kicking back in bed with my youngest, nursing her through teething.

  9. My plans are to bring in the New Year with my kids. Probably buy some noise makers and play some music and dance ourselves into the New Year!

  10. I plan on starting my running again. I will also be back in college. 🙂 Fun!

  11. Making tacos and enjoying family time!

    • . These are the moments to treasure. Sometimes it feels good to be lazy with the ones you love, even if its only for a few hours

  12. I’ve used menstrual cup before and liked it. Except my cup got left behind, accidentally, at a hotel. Now I’m without for the time being. I chose to switch to a cup for many reasons:
    1) save money
    2) less garbage in landfills
    3) safer for my body…no risk of toxic shock syndrome.
    4) turns out that the cup created less mess than tampons.

    I miss my cup. I hope to win one from you.

  13. For New Year’s, we plan to stay up, eat lots of snacks, play games, and watch the ball drop with our friends and our 8 kids!

  14. I’m hoping we’ll be safely home after a trip to see my family. No plans other than being with my hubby 🙂

  15. I Haven’t tried a cup yet but use cloth pads and would love to try your cup! For the new year we may eat a traditional new years meal with black eye peas, collard greens, peaches :).

  16. I have been wanting to get a menstrual cup since my family started living a holistic lifestyle and I came off my birth control. I am excited to use one. I plan on changing a lot this coming year and I am pumped to see the difference.

  17. my plans are to hang out at home and relax with my kids. The kids will probably want us to get a piñata like we have the last several years – to beat out the bad before Wyoming the new.

  18. My plan is more mommy time in the new year 😉

  19. We’re going to church, then staying up with friends and family for the count down.

  20. New Year plans include more family time, and a little more mama time so we can all focus better on what’s important. <3

  21. I’m making the switch to reusable products because apparently I’m allergic to some of the chemicals in both disposable tampons and pads. I’ve been using the Softcups since we finally figured out what was causing the bloody rashes and the yeast and it has definitely made life a lot better for the whole family (no more grumpy wife/mom due to getting to bleed from having to bleed).

  22. I plan on welcoming the new year with my sister and niece. I am looking forward to making my life a little more green during the upcoming year!

  23. I’m a huge fan of my moon cup but I’d love to give one to one of my friends working overseas on a relief project!! It’d be a great gift for her!

  24. Watching the ball drop with my daughters

  25. Not doing much. Kissing my husband at midnight.

  26. I will be at home with the kiddos this new year… my husband has to work so we’ll probably make it an early night 🙂

  27. not seeing my comment so I’ll try again. I love my Diva Cup and have heard great reviews of the Keeper. I’d like to try it out, it sounds like, from what I have read, that I will like it better.

  28. For New Years I plan on spending time with family and friends.

  29. This new year I will be watching the ball drop for the first time with a friend in New York City!


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