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We are in the spirit of giving. This week we are giving away a Keeper® or Moon Cup® to one of our friends. No strings attached, just enter. Give the gift of a Keeper or Moon Cup this holiday season because you care.

Winner will be chosen and announced on Wednesday 12/9/2014.

Visit and “like” our Facebook page to get a reminder of our next giveaway.

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57 Responses to December Giveaways
  1. Wow this is awesome I would love to try a mooncup

  2. I am very frugal and I hated throwing a bunch of stuff away. But another advantage is that it isn’t as likely to leak! Win Win!

  3. Thanks so much for the chance to win!! I have been looking at the Keeper for a few months. I think the frugality of menstrual cups wins out every time 🙂 Thanks again!

  4. I would love to try this!!!

  5. I love the minimal impact to the environment, but I love not having to buy supplies every month even better! Plus the freedom of not having to carry anything extra in my purse.

  6. I have made the recent switch for cost and waste reasons. I love saving money and love reusing products! It all started with cloth diapers and spiraled into so much more! Thank you for the chance to finally own a keeper!

  7. So glad I have reduced my footprint this year. No waste! Love this opportunity, thank you.

  8. I’ve been checking out a few different cups & the keeper is 1 I’d like to try! This is a great way to possibly get it! I love ways to save money 😀 Thank you for the chance!

  9. I guess my main reason is comfort! I’m hoping I can find one that works for me though!

  10. I want to do it for environmental and financial reasons. i currently use cloth pads and would love to try a cup

  11. I would love to try this brand of menstrual cup I have only ever tried one other brand so I don’t have much to compare it to.

  12. Both, it has already saved me $200 to use my Keeper, and the lack of trash going into oceans and landfills makes me feel good. It’s also the most comfortable and clean feeling option I’ve ever used, I no longer worry about leaks or irritation.

  13. I switched because I learned what was in tampons.

  14. ALL of the above! Environmental, saves money and no chemicals

  15. I am switching because it just makes life that much easier.

  16. I made the switch in 1996 love it. Now I want to get everyone else to make the switch also 🙂

  17. It’s more convenient & saves money

  18. oh the keeper has been on my list for a while!!!!

  19. I love the fact that they are reusable, crrates less garbage and more money in my pocket 😉

  20. I use the moon cup because its better for my body. I don’t get the period cramps!

  21. I am very interested in being as environmentally friendly as I can be and this is my next step

  22. A friend uses this product and swears by it. I’m interested in lessening my environmental impact. It also looks quite convenient!

  23. Curiosity. And not as involved as washing cloth pads.

  24. It’s not only environmental saving but also $$$ saving!!!!
    Assuming that one day with four disposable sanitary napkins, we must use a period of about 28 (including day / night / pad), means one year we consume 28*12=336 pcs, 5 year has reached 1,680 pcs! If we use the pad peaceful days are counted, it is even more astonishing. Let’s reduce the amount of garbage with a small piece of Moon Cup.

  25. I’ve got another brand but it leaks and I”d love to try this one. I don’t use tampons. I think they are bad for the body. and terrible for the environment. Pads, alone, don’t cut it.

  26. Health reasons, and it’s so much easier for me especially if I’m being active. Less stress all around.

  27. Love the Keepr! Have used one for years, but after the birth of last baby, lost it! Hating the other ‘natural’ solutions and really wanting another keeper!

  28. I’ve always wanted to try one. Can’t ware tampons since my 2nd baby and I’d love to not be restricted w only pads. Also it’s nice to not have to put more waste out in the world!

  29. I switched because I was tired of wasting money, I also didn’t want the chemicals in my body and I wanted something easy!

  30. menstrual cups just make my period easier!

  31. I am hoping this eliminates the discomfort I usually experience. Pitching tampons and pads will be amazing!

  32. I want to start hiking on longer trips. It would be great not to tote around boxes or tampons and pads. And the moon cup or the keeper would leave less of a mess to tote out of the woods. I need one. Please. (:

  33. I ordered a moon cup, and it would be awesome to have a back-up on hand! I have very sensitive skin, and cannot handle the plastic throw away versions, and the cloth napkins seem more involved than a cup, so I am going to give it a try! Thank you!

  34. I’m on the other side of life, so I really don’t need anything like this anymore, but I have a daughter and granddaughters who will benefit from the ease and painless monthly cash flow (no pun intended) !

  35. This is my second one. First lasted 15 years, so definitely a good product.

  36. THE gift to give if you want to show your values and what you stand for and care about.
    Your gift will have a priceless value well beyond being used monthly. This is a conversation starter!

  37. I am currently on my second keeper, and would love to try a moon cup. My first keeper was wonderful and lasted over 10 years. For me the switch was about both – saving money and saving resources for our planet. It’s also generally more convenient for me than any paper or cotton products.

  38. I made the switch for frugality and comfort.

  39. I switched to reusables to save time and money. I love the fact that it saves the earth too!

  40. I switched to the cup and cloth for frugality and environmental concerns.

  41. There are several reasons I want to switch to the Keeper!
    1. Healthier
    2. Saves money
    3. Better for the environment!
    4. It’s made in the USA!!!! Yay!!!

    The older I get, the more I realize doing things as naturally as possible is better.
    Thanks for doing a giveaway and making a great product.

  42. I’d love to try one! Had a different brand, but couldn’t quite make it work!

  43. health. i dont tolerate chemicals well. and then budget. i cant stand waste. money or landfill wise!

  44. I’d absolutely love to win one!! My reason for switching was my heavy flow and the environment. It has helped my flow immensely and I now have comfort, which I never had before. It’s such a bliss feeling being on my period now!!! xxx

  45. I don’t like tampons or pads. Want something that is better for me and lasts longer.b

  46. I think it will give me more confidence and freedom. Thank you!

  47. A little of both and regular pads give me horrible rashes 🙁

  48. What a great giveaway!! I hope I win 🙂

  49. My reasons for switching are that I’m frugal, love things that reduce toxins in my home, and that this is great for the environment! Tampons and pads are gross and not good for our bodies! I want to do the best I can for my body. I only have this one!!

  50. I switched because it is so much better for my body!

  51. I switched because it’s easier, greener, more cost effective, and better for my body!

  52. I switched to a menstrual cup because of health reasons

  53. The winners have been chosen and they are posted. Our fingers slipped and 5 winners were chosen, wink-wink. If you see your name email us at social@keeper.com with you name, address, and the size and type of cup you prefer. Thank you to all who participated and remember another giveaway starts tomorrow!


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