Donald Trumps Intended Insult Becomes Source of Empowerment

The latest #periodsarenotaninsult hashtag campaign is proof that some good can come from even the most negative of provocations. Donald Trump’s recent inflammatory comments about ‘blood’ have prompted a movement where women, as well as many men, are sending Trump messages on Twitter all about their periods. The social media reaction comes in response to Trump’s suggestion that Fox News host Megyn Kelly was menstruating while moderating last week’s GOP debate.

While it’s clear that there is a lot of not-so-veiled negativity towards women, the outspoken nature of the #periodsarenotaninsult campaign shows a promising turn. As time goes on, women are becoming more comfortable talking about their periods. Not only are we learning that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we’re starting to step up and take pride in all things related to being women.

Do you have something to say to Donald Trump? Tweet @realDonaldTrump and use hashtag: #periodsarenotaninsult to get in on the conversation.

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