Are you tired of popping your body full of Tylenols, or even prescription pain killers every time you get your period? Do you ever wonder what kind of effects frequent drug use has on your body, even if it’s to combat pain? Sure, an over-the-counter pain killer may mask a symptom for a few hours, but how long until you have to take another dose?

The Lunapatch is a transdermal patch brought to you by Human Half-Cell Inc. containing magnesium, which naturally releases solvated electrons, neutralizing free radicals. It delivers antioxidants to the source of the pain, reducing discomfort and inflammation in a localized area. Think of your body receiving 400lbs worth of blueberries targeting the source of the pain, and the energy and relief that would provide. The best part? It’s made from nothing but water, glycerin, elemental magnesium, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and silver – no additional medicinal ingredients. One patch is good for a few hours, and includes an extra disc – offering a full day of relief.

Because it works as a muscle relaxant, stress and tension accumulating as a result of cramps are put at ease, allowing those on their periods to feel alleviated. Simply place it on, and you’ll have relief within 5-10 minutes. Because it’s drug-free, there have been no unpleasant side effects recorded from its use, apart from the odd mild skin irritation. It is an excellent alternative for those who prefer to use drug-free options in the treatment of their PMS symptoms.

Do you want to give the Lunapatch a try? Simply contact us at and tell us about what makes your period a trial in approximately 100 words, please include your name and mailing address. What symptoms do you experience every month, and what do you hope the patch will do for you? We’ll pick our 50 favorites and send it to you for free in exchange for a review!

Relieve yourself from those cramps at long last, and start to live carefree again, while taking the healthier route for your body with the Lunapatch.

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