Myths and Common Objections

#1: It is too BIG

Comparison - Profile - Small Cups - 50p tp-19  Comparison - Top View - Small Cups - 50p tp-21This is a common misunderstanding for those who haven’t used the cup.  The size of the cups is not as different from a tampon as you might think, and if you read about the various folds used for insertion, you’ll see that there is little difference between the two.  Internally, a combination of suction and natural cooperation between the shape of the cup and the shape of YOU holds it in place.  The shape of the cup fills the exact space that a tampon would expand into.  Insertion is gentle and the feeling of its presence while in use is different from a tampon, but quite comfortable.


#2: Its GROSS

Keeper_PushFold_Tampon_2We are proud to be women and are not ashamed of ANY part of the female experience.  You know what’s truly gross?  The thought of decades upon decades of disposable feminine care products exposing women’s bodies to irritating or dangerous chemicals, then filling terrifyingly huge landfills world-wide.  A reusable menstrual cup requires a more thoughtful and careful interaction with your own body, and we think that is a good thing.  We will not be repulsed by our bodies or the way they function.  We are proud.


#3: TEENS (& petite women) need something SMALLER

Push-In Fold - w_Hands - 25p-tp-25The diversity of women in all their ages, sizes, and shapes is a wonderful thing.  However, when it comes to the use of these cups, our anatomies are remarkably consistent in size.  Our cups come in two sizes, and these two sizes comfortably serve most women’s bodies.  Our smaller cup B (before experiencing a vaginal childbirth) will work for even the tiniest teen, and it’s rare that there is a woman whose internal shape or configuration would require something larger than our standard size A.


#4: It is too EXPENSIVE

Gentle on the Earth Well, leaving aside the substantial environmental cost of the alternatives, investing in a reusable menstrual cup is only expensive if you plan to replace it every month or every year!  The money saved by moving from disposable to reusable products mean that your Keeper or Moon Cup will pay for itself in no time.  After that, all those dollars saved are pure profit for you!  So, in a way, you’ll be making money from this purchase for years to come.




Do you sterilize everything that you put in there?  How about your tampons?  With natural rubber or medical-grade silicone menstrual cup, you have more control over its cleanliness than with the alternatives.  A simple cleaning, we recommend a gentle vinegar solution, will keep your cups clean and sanitized without the risk of exposure to chemicals that could be irritating or even toxic.  Choosing a simple, natural, cleaning method for your cups is a good idea for the same reasons you have chosen the cup in the first place!  Heavy chemical sterilization is expensive, dangerous, unnecessary, and reduces the usable life of your cup.

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