Who is The Keeper and Moon cup for?

how many tampons used in a lifetime

See how many menstrual products are used in a lifetime.

Our cups are designed for the woman who:

  1. Believes collecting her flow is gentler on her body. One of the many benefits of using a cup is that no reactive materials are being placed into the body. Even the most basic absorbent menstrual hygiene products can cause discomfort for women who are prone to vaginal dryness or infections. A cup represents a welcome alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products which may be chemically treated, bleached, and can alter the natural vaginal environment.
  2. Wants to live a greener lifestyle. Using a reusable, alternative feminine hygiene product is gentler on the Earth than disposables. See how many tampons the average woman uses in a lifetime, illustrated in the image to the right. That’s a lot of waste going to the landfill! Using a menstrual cup is the most eco-friendly option available.
  3. Works hard for her money and wants to save it. Looking for menstrual products that are gentler on your finances? A menstrual cup may seem pricey compared to a box of tampons, but consider the long-term cost. In just a few months, a menstrual cup has already paid for itself in tampons or disposable pads not purchased over that duration. And the same cup, if cared for properly, can be used for years to come.
  4. Would like the option of cleaning a product before placing it in her body. Washable alternative feminine hygiene products such as menstrual cups offer the peace of mind that comes from being able to clean or sterilize them before being inserted.
    The Keeper and The Moon Cup are for any woman who wants to feel empowered. They are for any woman who is looking for an alternative to conventional menstrual products.

    They are also for anyone who menstruates, regardless of gender identity. Although our company started as a woman-run venture, aimed at giving other women choices, The Keeper and The Moon Cup are now used by many happy LGBT+ customers who do not identify as women. A menstrual cup is a great way of keeping your flow your business. No more trips to the pharmacy to pick up “feminine hygiene” products. No more attempting to discreetly take pads or tampons into the restroom with you, or hiding them in your bag. Just peace of mind, regardless of whether your flow is light or heavy. So although our website may read as very woman-focused, it’s just because that’s our experience. We are also proud to serve the transgender and non-binary community, and help meet their unique menstrual needs.

    Read what other women are saying about our cups.


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