A Second Generation of Keeper Users: Mothers to Daughters Today we have a special post to share with you, in which we interview long-time, loyal Keeper user, Evelyn from Canada. She’s been using The Keeper since the 1980’s and has been so pleased with her experience that she’s introduced them to her daughters! We know that hearing about other women’s experiences can be so important when considering making the shift to an alternative feminine hygiene product, so we wanted to provide a space for those voices on our blog. Hopefully you find Evelyn’s thoughts on using a Keeper menstrual cup as interesting and informative as we do!

Hi there Evelyn, thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts on using The Keeper. We’re very happy to hear that you’ve loved using yoursit’s always nice to know that women around the world are finding The Keeper and Moon Cup a good alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products. We also loved hearing about the fact that as a satisfied long-term user of one of our cups, that you’ve decided to introduce them to your daughters. 

So are your daughters interested in using The Keeper menstrual cups? Why do you like using them?

My daughters are not currently users. However, they would like to try The Keeper now that they’ve both had a baby. I liked using the Keeper because I found it so simple: insert, forget about it for several hours, empty, rinse it, and reinsert. My older daughter did try one when she was in high school but it’s not so easy in large washrooms where the toilets are in cubicles away from the sinks.

Ah yes, depending on the washroom layout in your place of work or school, it can make using a cup more challenging. This is a very common concern that we hear from a lot of women. However, most buildings have at least one single-user washroom which is designated for a changing station or disabled access. Those are perfect places to deal with menstrual cup emptying and washing, as the sink is contained in the same room. Another great option for public washrooms is to bring in a water bottle or wet paper towel to rinse or wipe the cup with. If neither of those options are available to you, just empty the cup as usual in your stall, then use a bit of tissue to wipe off the outside of the cup before reinserting, until you can find somewhere more private to give it a proper wash.

Was having your daughter start using a menstrual cup your idea or did she come to you about it? How did you go about discussing the cup option with her initially? 

I suggested the cup to my daughter because I was finding it to be such a convenience, myself. I recommended it when she complained about the cost and inconvenience of tampons and pads.

Why do you want your daughter to use a menstrual cup instead of traditional feminine hygiene products?

My daughter’s menstrual flow was very heavy and I thought the cup would be more effective for her than tampons.

For young women who may just be starting to menstruate, would you suggest using a Keeper or other cup right from the start? 

I think that most girls will initially want to use what their friends are using. lf the cup was more common, I suspect that many would consider it as an option right from the start!

Do you and your daughter talk about health and bodies a lot? Do you have any ideas for other mothers looking to build a stronger relationship with their daughters?

My daughters and I talk about health and bodies quite a bit — especially now when they’ve both just been through their first pregnancy. But I’ve always tried to be very open with them about body and health issues.

How did you first find out about The Keeper? What made you initially decide to try using one? Have you ever used our other product, The Moon Cup?

I believe that my introduction to the Keeper was through an ad in a health-store magazine in the 1980s. Although it seemed quite expensive, I placed a mail order and started using the B-cup as soon as it arrived, saving the A-cup for my daughter. I have not yet used your Moon Cup.

That’s great to hear. And I’m sure you’ve both saved money on disposable menstrual products since starting to use The Keeper! What advice would you give to women (young or old!) trying a Keeper or Moon Cup for the first time? Was there anything that you found helped when getting used to using one?

My advice to someone using a cup for the first time is to rinse it first and insert it wet. If it’s uncomfortable, it’s not quite in place. When you can barely feel it, it’s where it should be and there’ll be no leaking. Also, don’t be in a hurry to empty it — wear a panty liner just in case. But you’ll soon get to know your flow; which days you can leave it in for three or four hours, and which days you need to empty it every two hours.

What is the one thing you think is most important for young women to remember when they’re considering their health options? 

I think young women, when they’re considering their health options, need to remember that there’s a whole set of industries out there aimed at making money off female health issues. We women have to search out the best options for ourselves and not expect retailers to encourage products that are reusable and long-lasting.

Any final thoughts for us on any of the subjects we’ve touched on today? Anything you’d like to leave us thinking about? 

Aside from the convenience of a Keeper Cup, I was delighted that I was no longer flushing tampons down the toilet or trying to wrap them for disposal. The cup is so much tidier, and so much more environmentally friendly, that if I had it to do again I wouldn’t even consider single-use feminine hygiene products except in very occasional circumstances.

Thanks so much for your thoughts, Evelyn. We’ve really enjoyed hearing from you and knowing that our cups are reaching a second generation of women. We hope your daughters enjoy using them as much as you have! 

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Jennie LyonJennie Lyon is a green lifestyle writer and the owner of Sweet Greens, the award-winning green lifestyle blog. She posts on simple, fun ways families can go green together – starting with her own. When she isn’t blogging, you will find her paddleboarding, sailing, beach-combing, camping, or spending time with her amazing husband and 15-year old son.

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  1. I used a Keeper for many years and loved it. I am now post menopausal. I was never able to move my daughter over to it though. :/ As far as cleaning it in a public bathroom, I read this many years ago on a European site. Remove it, empty it and urinate on it. Urine is sterile. Certainly not ideal but an idea.


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