The Keeper - An Interview with One of Our Customers Hannah

Today we’d like to share the story of a long-time, loyal Keeper user, Hannah, and her daughter Samantha. We were so excited to hear that Hannah had been using The Keeper menstrual cup for over 20 years now. And of course, we were even more excited to hear that she introduced her daughter to The Keeper! We know that hearing about other women’s experiences can be so important when considering making the shift to an alternative feminine hygiene product, so we wanted to provide a space for those voices on our blog. Hopefully you find Hannah and Samantha’s thoughts on using a Keeper menstrual cup as interesting and informative as we do!

Hi there Hannah and Samantha, thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts on using The Keeper! We’re so pleased to hear that you’ve loved using yoursit’s always nice to know that women are finding The Keeper and Moon Cup a useful alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products. Hannah, hearing that as a satisfied long-term user of one of our cups, you’ve decided to introduce them to your daughters is just fantastic as well! 

So both you and now your daughter are users of The Keeper menstrual cups. Why do you like using them?

Hannah: When a woman finds her preferred menstrual products, of the disposable type, it gets expensive over time. You always need to buy more. With the Keeper, however, it’s a one time cost and it can last years. The Keeper allows us to avoid waste and always be prepared!

I assume you introduced your daughter to the idea of using a menstrual cup, and this wasn’t just a happy coincidence. How did you go about discussing the cup option with her initially? 

Samantha: We were shopping and came across a similar product. My sister tried it, but I was going back to (boarding) school soon, and didn’t feel like trying a new method at that moment. My mom sent me a Moon Cup through the mail, and though I wasn’t sure, I wasn’t disappointed! I decided that trying it wouldn’t hurt, and it worked wonderfully.

Do you and your daughter(s) have an open and trusting relationship in general? How have you maintained lines of communication and welcomed discussion about various topics? Are there any ideas you can share for other mothers looking to build a stronger relationship with their daughters, which includes being open to discussing bodies and health?  

Hannah: I believe that a little mother-daughter time goes a long way. For example, even if the subject doesn’t turn to bodies and health, it’s important the daughter feels like she can connect with her mother in a way closer to the way she does a friend, but not exactly. In a casual setting, then the daughter will probably feel more open about discussing personal topics. Also, I sent my daughters to a class about young women and their changing bodies, which taught them, in part, how to be comfortable talking about their bodies or their period.

That’s great to hear, and a course like that sounds like a fantastic way to help prepare young women for the sometimes difficult times that puberty can throw at them. Did you have a supportive mother or other female family figure who was interested in helping you be informed about your body and choices, too?

Hannah: I was given enough information, but was always shy about asking for more.  My mother would have been more than happy to help however she could.

What made you initially decide to try using The Keeper many years ago? 

Hannah: I was looking for something both environmentally friendly and economical.

What advice would you like to give to women (young or old!) trying a Keeper or Moon Cup for the first time? Was there anything that you found helped you get used to using one? 

Hannah: Be patient with yourself while learning how to apply the device.  It won’t be perfect the first time, but gets better quickly.

Really, it’s similar in learning curve to other insertable products like tampons in that respect! Speaking of, what do you think about the current state of commercially available menstrual hygiene products? For young women who may just be starting their journey into womanhood would you suggest using a menstrual cup right from the start or building up to it by getting comfortable with other options first? 

Hannah: I would definitely suggest building up.  First of all, I know pads get a bad rap, but they would be my first choice for a young woman.  There are reusables available for sale as well as disposables made of better materials.  When comfortable they should move up to a menstrual cup.

Samantha: Try a tampon before a cup to help you adjust, for sure!

What is the one thing you think is most important for young women to remember when they’re considering their health options? 

Hannah: They should think long term.  Whether the issue is directly related to if they are female or not, health issues can have long term consequences for short term relief.  And to specifically go into menstrual products, the common commercially available ones often are full of chemicals we don’t want to put in such a sensitive area.

Any final thoughts for us on any of the subjects we’ve touched on today? Anything you’d like to leave us thinking about? 

Hannah: Thank you for the opportunity to share.  We hope our experience helps someone!

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