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The Holiday travel season is right around the corner. Families are busy finishing up shopping, securing motel reservations and getting excited to see loved ones.  All that travel does have a significant impact on the Earth.  Fortunately there are some easy ways to reduce our impact and have the trip we desire. Last year we […]

When do you typically decorate for the Holidays? I love how every family has a different timeline and tradition for decorations.  We begin decorating the day after Thanksgiving and gradually add ornaments and decorations over the following weeks.   A couple years ago we made the switch to all LED Christmas lights which are “supposed” […]

According to the EPA waste increases by nearly 25% between Thanksgiving and New Years- accounting for a million tons per week of additional garbage.  Let that sink in a little bit- one MILLION tons per week!!! Most of this is wrapping, bows, boxes, gift bags, etc.  YIKES!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately most gift wrap cannot be recycled- only […]

The last weekend of May is our first official opportunity to sniff the spring weather and gear up for a summer playing in the sunshine. Memorial Day is the opening of the outdoor entertainment season. Picnics, cook-outs, and camping all involve packing up part of our kitchen and transporting it to somewhere without kitchen appliances. […]

Memorial Day weekend is an annual turning point towards summer. While it’s still officially spring, Memorial Day is a marker and a sure sign that summer is on its way. In preparation for summer, this is a great time to consider one of our most precious resources on this planet – water. Depending on where […]

Mother’s Day is coming. Have you marked your calendar? Mother’s Day is one of those truly appreciative days of the year. It’s so important to recognize our mothers and all that they’ve provided for us. It seems to me that observing an eco mother’s day is actually very synchronous with the spirit of motherhood. It’s […]

If your Easter Bunny is feeling eco conscious this year, easy homemade food dyes is a hop, skip, and a jump in the green direction. When you choose to use natural, homemade food dyes to color your Easter eggs, you really take the rejuvenating “new life” theme to a whole new green level. While I […]

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