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Starbucks is giving their top selling Pumpkin Spice Latte a makeover this fall, marking a positive change for the environment. The coffee giant is updating their recipe to include real pumpkin, and they’re making other changes too, like eliminating the artificial caramel coloring from their drinks. The change comes as part of the growing real […]

Iowa, in the heartland of America, has heart-stopping attractions at their state fair this week. Under the big top, food is over-the-top. Oversized, overpriced, and over the waistband. If you get a hankering for taking a bite out of the Iowa State Fair’s cow carved out of butter, you can munch on your own stick […]

Bringing the bounty from the farmer’s market table to straight out of your backyard A trip to a farmer’s market is kind of like of a trip to the zoo. It’s an educational experience. You may see products of nature you’ve never even heard of before. You might be tempted to bring home something cute […]

By hopping from South to North America, my geographic sense of what is “local” produce has gone topsy-turvy. Now that I’m out of the tropics, my suggestion for homemade Hawaiian ice with coconuts, banana, papaya, and mango is suddenly no longer homegrown. Now a very-berry ice, made with Maine blueberries, Iowan juneberries, or Washingtonian raspberries, […]

How might the world change if everyone were to consume 14% less meat? That’s the idea behind Meatless Mondays. Not only is going meatless one day a week helpful in reducing your risk of chronic preventable diseases, it also helps you to reduce your global footprint. The meat industry uses up a vast amount of […]

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