It’s simple. Lunapatch contains magnesium which corrodes and gives off solvated electrons which neutralize free radicals. By doing so, this targets the source of pain and reduces pain in a localized area.

Lunapatch is a transdermal patch that oxidizes magnesium to eliminate free radicals associated with pain. In short, your localized pain for menstrual symptoms will decrease due to the total amount of free radicals being decreased.  You will also get relief from fatigue.

Yes. Lunapatch technology has been in continuous use for over a year and no health problems have emerged. In fact, there has been a long period of unprecedented improved symptom relief for consumers who have used the patch thus far.

One lunapatch can be used until the elemental magnesium becomes corroded and is no longer effective. When the patch stops working, you can peel the patch off, replace the elemental disc and reapply the patch.

Relief should be felt within five to ten minutes after placing on a patch. Please note that there will be variability for the efficacy and onset of relief based on factors including amount of pain, body type, and area of pain for different individuals.

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