Our Values

We are not in business to produce more waste!


“Gentle on the Earth” describes our products AND the way we think, live, and run our business.  This planet we call home is a big place to keep clean. We believe that reducing our environmental impact is the right thing to do. We take pride in having  environmentally responsible practices and products that reduce waste.





Since 1987, we have shipped all individual orders without a box.  Our cups are practically impervious to damage during shipping, so why not keep things simple?  Eliminating unnecessary packing has some important benefits. Not only does it prevent excess shipping/handling charges, it expresses our care for the earth.  Imagine the waste!  Decades of cups sent in boxes that were manufactured in factories, shipped to us [via petroleum!] across oceans and/or highways, only to end up in the trash or recycling bins of our customers! Why would we do this?  To give our customers a false sense of security?  No thanks. They are durable enough to survive even the rockiest of journeys from our headquarters to your home.  Regardless of the shipping/packaging method, you should wash your cup well before use.  While you’re washing it — hopefully with a gentle vinegar solution — consider when the last time was that you washed a tampon prior to insertion…  🙂

Retail customers: you have repeatedly asked for a box, and we have obliged!  Although there are compelling POS display concepts that will integrate beautifully into your store, we understand that some of you prefer to have tidy little boxes for your shelves.  We heard you!

But we will never ship to individual consumers using these boxes.



We believe that once you adopt one of our cups, it belongs to YOU.  Why would we continue marketing a product to a woman who has already said, “yes”?  Our cups are logo-free, and so are the lovely hand-made bags that accompany them.  You’ll find our logo all over our website and correspondence because those belong to us.  Your cups belong to YOU.




Normal retail ‘wisdom’ tells us to maximize profits by up-selling and offering extras.  When we find a product that can accompany our cups and add REAL VALUE, we will add it to our store.  In the meantime, our mission is simple, our product is simple, and we don’t want to clutter the conversation with magical cup cleaning solutions or other accessories of questionable value.  We respect you.  We respect the Earth.  We will not contribute to landfill just to squeeze more dollars our of our customers with unnecessary items.

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