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With the start of February comes two weeks where everything is awash in red and pink, with heart and cupid motifs adorning everything from your local coffee shop to the workplace. Valentine’s Day is a major holiday event and cultural touchstone that so many people enjoy. Whether you have a special someone in your life […]

According to the EPA waste increases by nearly 25% between Thanksgiving and New Years- accounting for a million tons per week of additional garbage.  Let that sink in a little bit- one MILLION tons per week!!! Most of this is wrapping, bows, boxes, gift bags, etc.  YIKES!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately most gift wrap cannot be recycled- only […]

Mother’s Day is coming. Have you marked your calendar? Mother’s Day is one of those truly appreciative days of the year. It’s so important to recognize our mothers and all that they’ve provided for us. It seems to me that observing an eco mother’s day is actually very synchronous with the spirit of motherhood. It’s […]

If your Easter Bunny is feeling eco conscious this year, easy homemade food dyes is a hop, skip, and a jump in the green direction. When you choose to use natural, homemade food dyes to color your Easter eggs, you really take the rejuvenating “new life” theme to a whole new green level. While I […]

Love is in the air. The sweet scents of red roses are filling storefronts in anticipation of Valentine’s Day next Saturday. Last year 257 million roses were grown just for February 14th, and for 2015 the National Retail Federation expects 37.8% of Americans (mostly men) will give flowers, spending $2.1 billion dollars. A flower seems […]