When Moon Cup Visits the Happiest Place On Earth

A couple days after my Moon Cup and I rode the rails this summer, we took a family trip to Disneyland.  I had already spent the day after my train ride at the beach (also made super easy with my trusty cup!)   

We stayed at a motel a couple blocks away from Disneyland and had a three day trip with two days at the park and one “recovery” day to relax.  I ended up using my cup one day in the parks because I was at the very end of the cycle when we went.  

I would suggest making sure you’re comfortable with cleaning your cup in a public restroom before going on a big theme park trip.  Generally I empty mine at home because I’m not usually out long enough during the day to need to empty it in a public restroom.  If I need to empty it I like to find a “single seater” so I have access to the sink if I need it.   If you’re going to be at a theme park all day, make sure to practice and have a plan for emptying out your cup.  You may also want to consider a second cup just in case you lose it in travel, or accidentally flush it.  

One tip for traveling to DL is to make note of restroom locations on the map before you even go!  There are lots of restrooms but some of them are spread out and if you’re going to be waiting in a long line you may end up regretting not hitting up that bathroom you had seen earlier.  I was able to rinse out my cup in our room and I even washed my cloth pads in the motel bathtub one afternoon.  

My personal preference is to empty my cup every time I go to the restroom. I decided to stick with this on our trip to see how it went and share with you.  Several areas in the parks have “family” style restrooms with a toilet and sink in the same room.  These are a good option for emptying and washing your cup if you don’t want to bring it out to the public sink.

A couple of times during our trip I noticed the little trash cans in the stalls for disposable products almost overflowing and encountered a woman who had unexpectedly started looking for a tampon.  I was sure grateful to have my cup!  My cycle tends to be pretty normal but I carry it with me just in case, it takes up such little space that it’s easy to travel with.  

I emptied my cup several times during our Disneyland day, I lost track… when traveling with a small-child we hit up the bathroom at every possible moment to avoid any accidents while he was standing in line!  The second day we visited California Adventure and I was barely spotting so I wore a cloth liner that I changed out a couple times.  While we were at Disneyland I opted to bring in my water bottle and rinse my cup out directly in the toilet.  I also rinsed it out in the motel bathroom when we went back for a mid-afternoon-beat-the-heat-nap.

Riding some rides I did notice the stem more than I usually do.  It was on some of the faster rides and wasn’t uncomfortable, just something I noticed.  Typically I don’t even feel my cup at all but I definitely noticed it when we went around a fast curve or over a bump on a ride.  

My trusty Moon Cup made the trip easy and allowed me the chance to enjoy my trip without worrying about an embarrassing stain or needing to buy overly priced menstrual products at the parks.  It remained the Happiest Place on Earth even with my extra “visitor” unexpectedly tagging along (Aunt Flo likes to join me on vacation, how about you?? She did miss my camping trip by one day though!).

Where have you taken your Keeper or Moon cup?  Do you have any questions or concerns about traveling with your cup?  Let me know in the comments below or email me at blog@keeper.com.


Here’s to a stress-free, Zero Waste period while traveling!


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